I would like to welcome you to The Local Loft: 
Accessories for Your Body & Soul.

Thank you for visiting my site. I am typically not a big online shopper because I like to "see it and touch it" before I buy. I like jewelry that is light, comfortable, and well made. My goal is to only put items on my site that I hand pick personally at markets. Also, I want to include local artisans and designers that have their studios here in the USA.


I am a mother of three,  and I have filled the roles of all the following:

  • Headstart Teacher
  • Preschool Owner
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • College Instructor
  • Volunteer
  • Stay at Home Mom
  • Lover of Accessories

Now I am an excited new business owner!

Why did I choose to sell accessories??

It's my favorite thing in my closet. It doesn't matter your size or age. You feel more confident and good about yourself when wearing your dearest things. Accessories are an excellent way to express your personality and style. If you know me then you know accessories are my passion.  




It is my hope that you will find accessories on my site that express your own personality and style.